the educational offer is enhanced with permanent and extracurricular projects, which are not trivial “additions” to the curriculum, but are harmoniously integrated with the educational and didactic planning of each class. Such activities promote interdisciplinary connections and guarantee a balanced cognitive, emotional and relational development of the student. 

Thanks to the enriched didactics we make the most updated educational technology available to the children and young people, with the aim to promote civic, environmental and artistic education through the knowledge of the territory; to offer the possibility of expression through different languages; to bring the students closer to the English language in an engaging way; to plan expressive, manual and motoric activities that allow the students to manifest their own attitudes and potential. 

The projects that integrate with the class activity are monitored by a team of Montessori trained professionals or specialists of the subject. The workshops enrich the classes with educational stimuli: spaces, objects and experiences are organized with the precise intention to create “favorable” conditions, able to involve the children emotionally during learning.

Permanent school projects

Key citizenship skills program

Civil and social skills program

Primary school art and image project

The hour of code project

Caring for the school’s vegetable garden project

“Respect as a right and duty”, global citizenship education

Class Writers project

“Recital project” in English

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