AIS is part of the International Cambridge network: a new curriculum for Primary and Secondary starting from the 2019-2020 school year.

The primary and lower secondary school AIS enter the Cambridge International Education network and will be one of the first schools in Italy to offer its students a Cambridge curriculum for Primary and Lower Secondary School.

The network boasts more than 1,300 schools in more than 110 countries. From 6 to 14 years our children will be able to have the benefits of the Cambridge program, recognized as the equivalent to excellence in the whole world.

Cambridge International will be another opportunity for AIS to prepare its students for life, helping them to develop curiosity, love for learning, their potentials and to prepare to actively forge a better world.

AIS will offer the following learning paths to its students, entirely in English and with the support of the Cambridge Assessment International:

Primary School: English as a Second Language

Lower Secondary School: English as a Second Language and Sciences

The student registered at the school will have the opportunity to learn also through educational materials offered by Cambridge and to be evaluated with the Cambridge Assessment Method, facing and passing due Checkpoint Tests, that guarantee that the level of skills achieved is up to standard. Students will also be offered the opportunity to prepare to pass the A2 Key – Cambridge English qualification test, which will attest the knowledge of the English language at level A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

All students may also prepare themselves for the Cambridge certification that attests the knowledge of the English language of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Teachers give advice on the exam level year by year, according to the level of the students’ preparation, but generally it includes the following steps: Primary School – The third grade will have the possibility to take the Starters exam, the fourth and the fifth the Flyers exam. These exams are part of the Young Learners Exams and are considered the best preparation for subsequent KET, PET and First Certificate exams. Throughout the years, our students have reached excellent results. The Lower Secondary School first year – Cambridge: KET – (A2) second year – Cambridge: PET – (B1) third year – Cambridge: FCE (for excellence) – (B2).


As a further enrichment to the curriculum of our institute, we have developed a program of afternoon activities, all in English, that will contribute to the children and youngsters learning the language, giving them the opportunity to develop the contents and the abilities acquired in the lessons during school hours. In particular the children will be able to attend a new afternoon English course that will teach them, through the use of interactive games and specific activities, to “think in English directly”, acquiring an increasing mastery of the language. The course will start in October and finish in May.

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