AIS Academy is a project of extracurricular afternoon workshops aimed at children and young people from 3 to 14 years old. The motoric, manual and creative activities proposed offer the opportunity to experience and acquire new personal and relational abilities, in addition to providing further educational and group activities.

There are multiple and diverse activities, but they all have in common the will to give the children the possibility to familiarize themselves with various disciplines while having fun. 

From physical education that allows the harmonious training of the body and mind, to chess workshops, useful to exercise logic and rational thought, all the way to theater and music (guitar and violin), intent on enhancing artistic talents. All teachers are highly qualified with years of experience in their own discipline. 

What will your child find at AIS Academy:

Creative English workshops

Art workshops


Preparatory Music

Circus Arts

Expressive Movement



Guitar – bass




  • propedeutica musicale
  • bambini danza
  • danza circense bambino
  • propedeutica musicale
  • chitarra bambino
  • bambini danza
  • propedeutica musicale
  • danza circense bambino
  • ginnastica bambini
  • canto bambino
  • ginnastica bambini
  • violino bambino
  • canto

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