Elementary school art and image project

General aims

To acquaint and introduce children to some forms of expressiveness through the use of different materials and artistic techniques, through the search for personal taste and style, as well as comparison with others’ aesthetic sense.

Educational objectives

  • Promote independent thinking and self-esteem through expressive experiences;
  • Promote and enhance attention and observation skills;
  • Develop personal critical and aesthetic sense;
  • Develop and refine fine motor skills;

Specific Goals

  • To develop the ability to interpret and reproduce an image through the transition from aesthetic skills to cognitive processes such as: construction of proportions and connections and inferences that realize the artistic picture
  • Develop the ability to interpret paintings in a personal way through observation and the use of expressive graphic-painting techniques;
  • Identify techniques proposed by artists and process them in a personal way;
  • Use the space of the paper, mark, color in a personal way;
  • Know and use different materials and tools for the creation of a personal work of art or real life reproduction of the work itself;

Methodology and activities

  • Discovery of artists through guided and unguided viewing of monographic books;
  • Personal and emotional observation and reflection of the proposed paintings;
  • Structured observation of selected paintings focusing on indicators such as locating the edges of the space, harmony, clarity, size, angularity and completeness of the figures, the curvature, pressure, thinning and color of the outline.
  • Reproduction or personal reworking of the masterpiece with the most effective expressive technique;


January to May

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