Respect as a right and a duty

Education in global citizenship


Respect as a basic and self-founding concept must be simultaneously a right and a duty of all, to be achieved for an increasingly conscious citizenship education. Respect is therefore a symbol of civility, cooperation and most of all it is a form of permanent education.

Since 2013 the Respect project in our school takes on a different connotation every year

2013-14 Water resource: how to respect the environment becoming aware of the importance of saving water, the indispensable resource for life

2014-15 Emotional competencies to prevent bullying “We are all captain”: knowledge and use of emotional competencies in everyday life (stress management, problem-solving ability, decision-making ability, effective communication, empathy, creativity, effective relationships and self-awareness) to live relationships serenely

2015-16 Respect for everyday life environments: school, peer groups, personal and shared objects, food, school times and spaces; school recycling

2016-17 Respect as interculture: knowledge of cultures, even those far away from ours to create situations of respect. Universal languages that unite humanity: dance, music, smiling, sports, mathematics,…

2017-18 Respect as knowledge of oneself and of one’s emotions, to learn to manage them through play, music, dance, art, movements,…

2018-19 Respect as economic and environmental saving: meeting with the writer Gasbarro, author of the book ‘Arianna’s piggy bank’; knowledge of the financial world and experiences of saving resources, materials, environment.

2019-20 Respect for natural and artistic beauty: participation in the World Day of the Tree creating compositions: drawings, poems and texts on current themes. The importance of respecting trees to support the life of humans and our planet. The tree in art. Familiarity and reproduction of famous paintings to learn to love art as a way to come closer to the idea of respecting beauty.

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